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Adam Ryder

Selections from the Joint Photographic Survey, 2012

  • Tower of the Rock
  • Selucian Retreat at Succoth (2 Views)
  • Temple City of Haraam
  • Monastic Retreat at Betharbel

"… [Photography] presents a kind of false truth as all photographs are subjective images, even those made by machine.  The primary action in photography, framing the image, is one by which elements of a scene or subjects are excluded, conflated, monumentalized, sublimated, flattened, isolated or otherwise given emotional weight that they lack when experienced by the un-aided eye.  In my mind, photography’s chief action is recontextualize the objects, people and environments we see.  To some degree, my work stems from this basic fact and underscores the slippery nature of photographic “fact.”

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loving an unpopular, small ship in a big fandom like


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writhing pile of cat children. disgusting

i’m going to throw up.

jesus christ the PURRING 

I feel like I just gained another year on my life from this.

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Also on a random note, look at my hot best friend (that isn’t my sister, who is hot too I guess but squinty big sister eyes)

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So I feel uncomfortable leaving the hype discussion at a little bit of a slam at the DA fandom (which it’s not)

So here is TB’s video on hype and why it’s dangerous and why popular bloggers/reviewers/youtubers need to be careful.

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I just want the Vanguard weapons. :P And I’m pretty much on the “as long as it’s not like DA2 I’m golden” train when it comes to DA:I. I am terribly excited to see what Weekes brings to the series.

HEY DA2 is another good example of reviews and demos not giving us the full story, too! Some of the problems in DA2 were apparent with much more than ‘hey I played the required hour let’s get a review up so we can beat all the other review websites!!!’ or ‘wow this 20 minute demo was great!’

I’m really jazzed too though. Weekes was one of my favorite writers in the Mass Effect stuff, and I am absolutely in love with his original world. Paired with other lovely writers and a project manager that actually gives a damn, and much more time to develop the game, it’s bound to be at least a little better.

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I think going to pre-order destiny relatively soon, but this is after playing the beta for free. And just let he DA:I love wash over you, do not resist~~

Eh, the game comes out in like a week, unless you’re budgeting out, there’s no real reason to pre-order, especially this late. You’ll still get your special banner for participating in the Moon events with or without it. I’m kinda mad at myself for pre-ordering still though, so maybe that’s just me. XD

and you know, after ME3 I was 100% prepared to never buy a game from Bioware ever again, but then they wooed me I’m so mad. Then I was like ‘fine but I hope Ironbull sucks’, and then Weekes wrote him.  I’M SO MAD

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