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Juno and her Birds, Walter Crane 


u lucky he holdin me back bitch 



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this is why i never take pictures of people, it’s mean

also re: weird cupcakes

I give the recipe a solid 3.5. I absolutely refuse to believe that large masses of people would consume these without batting an eye, not realizing they’re gf. They do have that nice earthy flavor that marks garbanzo bean flour and the hummus spread is definitely not a replacement for normal frosting (though it was really tasty).

I made some modifications to the hummus spread since I didn’t read the ingredients very well and grabbed a jar of Justine’s plain almond butter, and we didn’t have the jar of honey I thought we did. So I made it using coconut nectar and almond butter and it tasted great with the cakes (more of a peanut butter and chocolate taste). When I got home, I added more coconut nectar and a bunch of cocoa powder to what remained so my husband and I could have chocolate ‘hummus’ dip. 

Next time I make this recipe I’m going to modify it to be an Mexican chocolate cake and use a more traditional frosting. Not only am I always looking for an excuse to make Mexican Chocolate anything, I think they’d help mask the earthy flavor I know a lot of people don’t like (I don’t mind it but).

The cakes have a lovely texture through, I’m super pleased with that (even if they didn’t dome, as the author of the recipe notes - but like my patients said ‘isn’t that clever, you made a  little dip for extra frosting!’). And my office always loves gluten free treats, so I know they won’t go to waste.

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Officially the weirdest and healthiest cupcakes I have ever made.
Gluten free chocolate cupcakes with sweet almond butter hummus

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